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Kayaking Isle of Man - Tidal Race Kayaking

North Stack

North Stack works on the ebb, not the flood. Flows reach 6.5 knots at springs, 4.5 knots at neaps.tide race kayaking North Stack Due to a back eddy that forms in Holyhead Bay during the flood, the ebb flow starts 2 hours early on springs and 1 hour early on neaps. The ebb flow direction is east to west. It is exposed from the north and west. If you are dropping down on to it from above keep close to the cliffs well before you get to it. The high speed ferries, particularly the Stena Explorer on its way into port, cause a double wake that can wipe out all but the deepest parts of the eddies a few minutes after passing. The top of the race is formed by shallow rocks which tend to be most surfable early on. Later on the better waves tend to be further back in the race but only if there are conditions to generate them.

Eddies – There is an eddy running alongside the cliff all the way to but not beyond the very top of the race.


How to get to North Stack - You can find directions to North Stack here. Launch from Holyhead harbour and paddle west for 20 to 40 minutes to reach North Stack.

tide race kayaking North Stack

Looking NW at North Stack, peak ebb spring tide, westerly force 4, 2 foot south westerly swell.

Top two photographs by Jeff Allen of Sea Kayaking Cornwall. Top banner photos by Johan Wagner of Escape Outdoors.

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KAYAK Isle of Man

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