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The gallery contains many of the best photographs featured on . You can also find many more archived photographs from the Isle of Man Kayakblog stored here.

Kayaking Isle of Man Shop

Buy Palm, Dagger and Ainsworth kayaking gear through Mobex. Mobex are a Manx children's charity specializing in outdoor activities for kids. All profits are ploughed straight back into Mobex.

myKAYAK on Kayaking Isle of Man

myKAYAK is the Facebook group where you'll find many of the kayakers involved with .If you are looking for a paddling partner on the Isle of Man, Paddle Buddy is a way of linking with local Manx sea kayakers, surf kayakers and river paddlers.

Kayak Isle of Man Weather Station

Detailed wind, temperature, precipitation, visibility and tide reports for the Isle of Man all in one handy place.

Kayak Isle of Man Guide

The Guide pages provide brief descriptions of Manx paddles and are aimed at those planning paddling holidays to the Isle of Man.

QAJAQ Isle of Man
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Kayaking Isle of Man - Gallery

To use the Galleries, click on the album you wish to view and click the play button at the bottom left hand corner (if gallery fails to start automatically). You can also click on a thumbnail to go directly to a particular image.

If you would like your own photographs to feature on then send them in using the contact page.

KAYAK Isle of Man

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